Baking Kits

At Gingerhaus, we take baking and decorating gingerbread houses  to another level and hopefully relieve a few of the typical headaches that come with the process.


Gingerhaus gingerbread house kits come with everything you need to bake and decorate a gingerbread house with ease (house frame, baking panels, paper windows, etc.).

Look for our lavender wreaths, as well as upcoming spring and fall additions. 


We are just getting the site up and running... So please stand by for more exciting things to come!

 Gingerhaus-House on the Hill Cookie Presses & Rolling Pins

Add old-world charm with beautifully molded cookies for your next baking project.


Enjoy baking and decorating our Gingerbread House, Cookie and Cake Kits for all seasons. 

Bake-Your-Dog-A-Bone                   Dog Biscuit Kits

Just add peanut butter and water to our delicious dog biscuit mix.  Nutritious, great for their coats, settling to delicate stomachs, and a lot of fun to bake.

Gingerhaus - TRC designs

Woodend Tree-Light Keepsakes

Handcrafted in USA, collaboratively designed by artists Lee Shepherd and Glenn Crider, these adorable keepsakes for the Gingerhaus Bake-Your -Dog-a-Bone Brand.

Enjoy old world baking with our Cookie Presses & Rolling Pins for all seasons.

Enjoy decorating with our Wooden Keepsakes & Nutcrackers

Let us bring your next gingerbread house to life.

TweeTweat Bird Feeder Kits

For bird lovers and family fun... Each kits comes with bird seed and recipes for making our sweet bird feeder and bird cookies.

Presses & Pins

Cookies in All Shapes & Sizes

We offer adorable cookie kits for all seasons from our Runaway Gingerboys to Runaway Bunnies.

Gingerhaus Decorative Gingerbread Houses Ornaments

Cookie Baking